Sunday, January 11, 2009

ottoblotto's blog: Cafepress vs Printfection vs Zazzle

ottoblotto's blog: Cafepress vs Printfection vs Zazzle

All about Zazzle!!!

I am a zazzleholic!! I'm a graphic artist & was looking for a way to make some extra money being home with my kids. I have lots of kids!!! I started zazzling & found it was a great site & BONUS ~ I started making money!!

Zazzling is sooo easy & fun! There is a forum you can go to if you set up a page if you need help. These people are now my friends & they're awesome!!! You can also buy items you like there (with $ you've earned!) ~ there is such fun & creative stuff on here. The gifts are very creative, personalized & funny! It's fun to just poke around & be inspired by the art, humor & whimsy created here.

With zazzle you can make or buy:
Mugs, magnets, bumper stickers, stickers, stamps, shirts, sweatshirts, hats, bags etc.
There are many things you can also personalize like stamps for party, stamps for your wedding, stickers for books to label etc.!

Here's my zazzle site:*

Preview some of the work I am proud of:

Christmas lights tie tie
Christmas lights tie by Tamathaa
Design a neckwear with

happy birthday stamp stamp
happy birthday stamp by Tamathaa
Make custom stamps online at

Bat Mitzvah stamps stamp
Bat Mitzvah stamps by Tamathaa
Shop all other stamps on Zazzle

I've made a pretty good amount of spare change with Zazzle, but more importantly; made friends & it's been a great creative outlet for me. I have a real passion for my store & my work! Feel free to visit, if you need a special item for someone as a gift ~ please take a look, or if you would like to join zazzle ~ come visit & we'll be mutual friends! Hope you enjoyed my blog! If you have any questions or comments, I welcome this! Thank you. : )